Lobi- ZEAL’s Creative Agency



What is Lobi ?

Lobi is our worker owned creative agency that supports Black visual & performing artists. We provide programming and services for Black creatives who lead with visual and literary art mediums.

Our Offerings

Artist Representation & Platform Support for Cultural Institutions and Programming

  • Artrepreneurship: Facilitating artist’s economic supports (i.e e-commerce) for your audience to invest in your work

  • Branding and Marketing: Creating an aesthetic for your body of work to targeted audiences that will promote it

  • Campaigns & Activations: Designing creative, strategic, participatory, & entertaining experiences that are results driven

  • Resource Development: Identifying cooperative ways to gain the resources to sustain your work and demonstrate impact

  • Social Network & Media Support: Utilizing social networks to build community and promote messaging for your platform

We collaborate through leadership development, skill sharing and consulting with Black creatives as well as organizations, companies, art & literary collectives, institutions, other programs, and platforms that highlight and center Black culture. Lobi is in homage to The Lobi tribe who are in regions now known as Burkina Faso, Cote d’ Ivoire, and Ghana. The Lobi people are known for their skill sets in agriculture, sculpting, mask-making, and as exquisite xylophonists. We are a multifaceted tribe of cultural conjurers and alchemists at Lobi. We believe Lobi is what makes our work in cooperative publishing for Black creatives possible at ZEAL.

What makes us different?

At Lobi, we are Black creatives who are values aligned and principled in building movements towards owning the means of our own cultural production. When Black creatives are grounded in the legacy of the Black aesthetic that facilitates their leadership development their body of work stands as a purposeful, functional, and committed act of liberation. The Black Aesthetic is art, literature, poetry, music, dance, fashion, and theater that creates an expression of and impression on Black culture. We provide economic alternatives that support the surviving artist to thrive.  

We are a network of networks, creating spaces for learning, support infrastructure, and opportunity for Black cultural platforms to flourish. We see ourselves as cultural co-creators that are continuing the legacy of the Black Arts Movement, by providing the support systems necessary for our cultural work to evolve beyond flashpoint moments.

Desired Impact

  • Creating economic sustainability  through applied learning of art merchandising and commerce beyond the gig economy

  • Cultivating self-care and healing ritual and practices grounded in the Black aesthetic in community with other creatives

  • A recognized pipeline of Black art and literature that is promoted within and outside of cultural institutions

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